Daily Yoga – App review

With all of those badly designed apps out there it seems impossible to find something that won’t stress you out. I came across daily yoga while looking for something that I could add to my fitness routines that would improve my flexibility and get my Zen going on. The app has a nice layout and comes complete with video demonstrations, a points system and yes more social networking (like we really need another one).

Getting started with Daily Yoga:

Upon opening the application, it will ask you to register via face book or email and as soon as you are done with that you will need to enter your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). If you are a beginner, you are probably better off doing a few yoga classes with a certified instructor before you get your yoga on with this app because the last thing you need is to pull a muscle while attempting one of the poses. Once you set your level the app will ask you to choose two goals from a set of 6 such as improve flexibility, tone muscles or lose weight.

The workout sessions:

Once you get that done it will take you to your customized workout demonstrations complete with some chill background music. When you complete each workout the app tracks something called energies (couldn’t find any explanation anywhere what this is), calories and number of workouts. One thing that’s really annoying is the ads that pop up which is probably the case with most apps if you are using the free version.

Points system:

The app gives you points for certain actions that you take like completing a yoga session and sharing a comment. These points can be redeemed towards membership which will cost you about 30,000 points for one-year access. So if you complete all of the actions you can probably earn about 100 points max a day. At that rate it would take about 300 days or close to a year to redeem your points for a one-year membership. I don’t know about you but there is no way I’m doing 3 yoga sessions a day and sharing my feelings and commenting here and there for a year to get a one-year access pass that costs about $24. Points system epic fail!

The verdict on Daily Yoga:

Overall the app is well designed and is not too stressful to use. Using the video demonstrations on your phone is not very practical which in all fairness is not the apps fault but it does point to few flaws with trying to use your phone for workout instructions. You are better off using a tab with a larger screen or mirroring your phone with your TV. I’m also not too sure about how accurate the calorie counter is because the app doesn’t really ask for measurements such as weight and height. The best thing about this app is the video demonstrations which are clear and not too difficult to follow just find a way to get this on a bigger screen and you are in business. If you are interested in getting into Yoga, then take a few classes to get the basics right then maybe use this app to save money.

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