The four best foods for late night cravings

Have you ever had those late night cravings that have you running towards the fridge in search of something, aaaaanyting that will satisfy that craving. Well join the club  you are not alone and  its times like these that can really sabotage your weight loss and fitness goals. That is why I have compiled this list of the four best foods to eat at night that wont pack on those extra pounds around your belly, thighs, butt and love handles.

The key here is to know which foods to eat and which to avoid as the night progresses. Your objective here is look for foods that will compliment your fat loss objective. As mentioned in previous posts refined carbohydrate consumption will cause a spike in the storage hormone insulin so we definitely want to stay away from them.

When choosing food for a late night meal

Make sure you keep something in mind known as the Thermogenic effect of food or TEF. So basically each macro nutrient requires a certain amount of calories to metabolize with protein being the highest on the list. Lets say you eat 100 calories of proteins, in order for the body to metabolize these proteins it will require 35% of these 100 calories. So you are really taking in 65 calories. For carbohydrates it is about 15% and for fats around 5%. So you are really better off eating proteins. Just make sure you don’t over eat them. A good rule of thumb is to eat until you are no longer hungry and NOT until you are full.

If I do end up having a late night meal, then what I usually do is skip breakfast the next day and wait until lunch to have a light meal like salad greens and some lean protein like turkey or chicken breast. That way my body will use the late night meal for energy and continue to burn fat until the next meal.

Here are some of my top choices just in case you get those pre bed time craving

Cottage cheese as a late night snack

cottage cheese as a late night snack

I looooove cottage cheese and the best thing about it is that it is slow digesting and keeps you full. just make sure that you get the plain type as the flavored type is usually full of all those unnecessary sugars. Sometimes I like to add cottage cheese to the batter when making low carb waffles.

Turkey or Chicken breasts for those late night munchies

turkey breast for late night cravings

Another gem of food choices is turkey or chicken breast. Both of them are descent in terms of satiety, which means they will keep you fuller for longer and will not initiate the release of insulin. Red meat and fish have a slightly higher insulin response so they are not the best of choices for late night meals. Just keep in mind that the best choice here would be to stay away from processed meats as no one can really guarantee whats in them.

Green Veggies

Green veggies for late night snacks

Green veggies are always a good choice if you get those munchies close to bed time. Not only will they stop your munchies in their tracks but it will also give you a good dose of fiber. Like any other food make sure not to over eat.

Late night Protein Shake

Protein shake for late night cravings

This is also another good choice for late night munchies. Just make sure you choose the right protein powder without all those extra carbs.

Protein shake for late night cravings







What do you like to eat when you get hungry late at night?

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